How are you all doing? I’m doing okay – pretty well actually. Being isolated doesn’t even feel strange to me, it brings out the academic, the nerd and yes, it brings out my prison fantasies… Not that anybody’s asked me for #advice but if they did, I’d say, read #philosophy, listen to music, look after your health and be spontaneous! Actually, the spontaneity is the most important thing for me as it gives me joy, vitality and also a sense of rebellion. I don’t do yoga, I don’t do any virtual classes, none of that, because for at least 1 hour a day, I don’t want to be told what to do, how to breath, how to feel or think. No! I want my enjoyment and my personal energy under my personal control. This is my #desiring-revolution !!! For at least 1 hour, I don’t even care if my reading of all this philosophy is correct but I do absolutely believe in the revolutionary potential of mutual #self-care and so I’m sharing what works best for me, my fun, extremely non-aesthetic, non-organized, un-instructed workouts, dance-outs, whatever. They make me the happiest and the best thing is: I think they might be flattening the curves – including the belly curve… Anyway, if you see I’m live on Instagram, feel free to be weirded out by this insanity and join! And if you think I’d help the world better if I went live when I’m reading philosophy, let me know, I can do that too. 😉