Too True to be good

Month September 2019

Dreams are what connects us

Tonight, everything about the club was different. The usual jazz was replaced by electronic music and the women guardians were very serious – serious about purifying me. It should be mentioned that I’ve been feeling stuck lately, constipated, unsure about… Continue Reading →

The well

A long time ago, before I first discovered The Club, I lived another life. And before that, another, before that another and so on. Some I remember more than others. Unsurprisingly, the most recent one, I remember quite vividly.. I… Continue Reading →

One’s character is formed on Sunday afternoons

I love summer but I’m happy that it’s over and I won’t be seeing couples, families and friends, and women in beautiful summer dresses in the park when I go for my weekend run. I’ve always thought that summer accentuated female beauty…. Continue Reading →

On the danger of dreams and the importance of developing a true character

I’ve exiled myself. Removed myself from my country, my friends, my family, so I could find out what I was truly made of. This is the answer: I am made of dreams. Dreams, fantasies and nightmares were in the very… Continue Reading →


The events described have happened in real places and been experienced in flesh and blood but the consequences of the events are not yet fully known nor understood. Upon continuous reflection and investigation new evidence is emerging and the narratives… Continue Reading →

Him: Will you ever write about me?

Him: Will you ever write about me? Me: Do you think our story is interesting enough? Him: I think so! Just don’t use my name. I’m about to be a married man 😉 Me: If you’re so married, why are… Continue Reading →

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