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You’ve created a pretty good god in your head

This is disturbing but I feel like I really needed this lockdown to rest and have a bit of time for myself. It’s sad to realise how restless, stressed and tired I’ve been for the past 8 years. Truth be… Continue Reading →


For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been a happy introvert, minding my own business, doing what I want and feeling quite content and relaxed. I went to the Club without any specific expectations but still hoping to experience a moment… Continue Reading →

Sit, bleed and document this

This whole pandemic has been such a mindf*uck. Went to the Club to try to make sense of my own coping strategies and to get some direction as to what my role in the pandemic should be. The women and… Continue Reading →

The pandemic starts

Our honeymoon with Dionysus didn’t last long. A few weeks after our wedding, I went to the Club again and there was no talking, just preparation for war. Everybody’s faces were painted and I had no questions.  A week later,… Continue Reading →

The Bride of Dionysus

It’s not that I haven’t been going to the club – I have! Quite regularly as well. And I’ve been taking notes of what’s been happening in the Club but with everything that’s been going on first in my personal… Continue Reading →

Kafka in the Club

I really felt like going to the Club and was feeling happy and confident in my own skin, which is why I decided to wear my normal everyday clothes – black and almost-gender neutral, as opposed to my feminine yellow… Continue Reading →

On sweetness

The cruelest month is December because it gets me completely out of sync with the world. The buzz and festive cheer interfere with my need to hibernate and go quiet; reality splits itself and I get trapped in a parallel… Continue Reading →

I’m worried that I’m disappearing

Things have been getting pretty intense with Dionysus. The other day, he apologized to me. Yes, Dionysus did. First, he again called me his favorite Bacchant – “truely wild and mad and dark and deep.” Then he almost cried with sorrow and… Continue Reading →

Dreams are what connects us

Tonight, everything about the club was different. The usual jazz was replaced by electronic music and the women guardians were very serious – serious about purifying me. It should be mentioned that I’ve been feeling stuck lately, constipated, unsure about… Continue Reading →

The well

A long time ago, before I first discovered The Club, I lived another life. And before that, another, before that another and so on. Some I remember more than others. Unsurprisingly, the most recent one, I remember quite vividly.. I… Continue Reading →

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