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The Critique of Storytelling

On being born twice and on the memory of it

Trauma is a time traveller, an ouroboros that reaches back and devours everything that came before. Only fragments remain. Junot Diaz One’s true birthday should not be celebrated on the day when they were born, but on the day they… Continue Reading →

The Birth of True

“Because of its place in our psychic life, a remembered adventure tends to take on the quality of a dream.” Georg Simmel ______ True was born out of a nightmare which was born out of a dream. All the attempts to write about her falsify… Continue Reading →

On the danger of dreams and the importance of developing a true character

I’ve exiled myself. Removed myself from my country, my friends, my family, so I could find out what I was truly made of. This is the answer: I am made of dreams. Dreams, fantasies and nightmares were in the very… Continue Reading →


The events described have happened in real places and been experienced in flesh and blood but the consequences of the events are not yet fully known nor understood. Upon continuous reflection and investigation new evidence is emerging and the narratives… Continue Reading →

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