It’s the 10th anniversary of my second birth! On this day, I celebrate life in its imperfections, its cracks, its ugliness and darkness! On this day, I celebrate broken mugs, plastic bottles, old unfashionable clothes; I water weeds, let insects get in my way, and try to avoid throwing things out. I give attention to things I normally hide or eliminate and I embrace them.

I also try to write about True because this is her birthday! The story of True is a story of trauma, the healing process and the joy of finding one’s own way in life.

I wrote some stuff back in winter 2021 but was never happy with it. But, as per the above, today is a good day to release unfinished, messy texts. Available as a Google Doc. Feel free to comment

Lots of love to all my fellow weirdos, all the unrecognized heroines and heroes, alteregos, characters and messy stories 😘