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All the things and people and parts of things and parts of people that I muse over and about.

I’ll just never know

(A short story based on a long nightmare) I was assigned a new project for a big tech company I really liked and had worked with before. I had established a good rapport with the client, proven my expertise and… Continue Reading →

The poetics of to-do lists

Flying high feeling low… with F.O.

I think of Frank Ocean way too much. I don’t even listen to him as frequently as I think of him, trying to understand why I think of him so much… What am I trying to understand? What is his… Continue Reading →

The infinite stitch

The infinite stitch is what I call that stitch on the tail of a new coat that you’re supposed to remove. That stitch is there to protect the tail until the coat has found its owner who, with as few… Continue Reading →


(Musings about time) Ur- stands for proto-, for original  Ur was an ancient city state  founded around 3800 BC  The ruins of Ur  are in today’s Iraq 5800 years later, in London Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is when time begins  But it’s not Ur-time  — Ur-time is a… Continue Reading →

Him: Will you ever write about me?

Him: Will you ever write about me? Me: Do you think our story is interesting enough? Him: I think so! Just don’t use my name. I’m about to be a married man 😉 Me: If you’re so married, why are… Continue Reading →

Petit Bleu

I used to go there for lunch It looks like a place for fishermen But it is a place where the young professional versions of ‘old men and the sea’ go

I like breakfast

Especially after I’ve slept so long That I wake up hungry

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