Too True to be good

Month July 2019

Last night I smelled like honesty

Went to the club last night to see if it could help me with stress. It didn’t. How silly of me to think think I could use it like I do sleeping pills or alcohol? No instant relief. Contrary to… Continue Reading →

I smelled like work

I came home a bit early today and wanted to write. But, as always, as soon as I was ready to sit down and bleed, I felt tired, overwhelmed and good for nothing. I knew it wasn’t even worth trying… Continue Reading →

Petit Bleu

I used to go there for lunch It looks like a place for fishermen But it is a place where the young professional versions of ‘old men and the sea’ go

I like breakfast

Especially after I’ve slept so long That I wake up hungry

Straight outta pelvis, straight outta the funk!

The next day after I got the unclear message from Dionysus, I went to the club again. I thought I was prepared to embody joy and be merry but the music was a lot darker than usual. Similar to the… Continue Reading →

“Sometimes, you have to do a solo”

Hemingway looked tired the other day. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to “embody joy.” I kept dying and dying and dying, purifying myself but with no luck. No joyful dancing for me on that night.  The two women… Continue Reading →

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