I normally feel like a bit of a misfit: thinking about death and the meaning of life, studying people, contemplating what the truth is… I’ve been called “dark”, “intense”, “negative”…. Whatever. Weirdly, in times of pandemic, all these idiosyncrasies come in handy, as a very useful preparation for a catastrophy. In many ways, I can be #True in real life now: I’m enjoying the world without small talk and superficiality and with a lot of dark humor. But I’m not being idle either – I’ve started reading about scapegoating and thinking about how to save freedom and democracy from this virus, which, let’s be honest, has a pretty scary fashist potential… (You think that’s a bit too intense, dark and negative?…) Anyway, reminds me of the character in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. I might rewatch it… And then I’ll rewatch Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai – just in case I need to do a bit of small talk about the films I’ve seen while in quarantine (so far it’s only Parasite, the first hour of it, which I watched a week ago)