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July 8, 2020: Quaranthropology of hair

Got my hair done!!! And it felt so good it’s inspired some #Quaranthropology even. Anthropologists actually love thinking about hair and its meaning. Like:- Does cut / shaved hair symbolise submission to authority (think soldiers or ) or castration (think… Continue Reading →

June 25, 2020: Uninspired

I’m so uninspired. All I keep wondering is how have the limits of what is safe for work or not safe for work changed in times of Corona and remote work? That’s it, I shall not even call this #Quaranthropology. But… Continue Reading →

June 23, 2020: Writer’s block

I’ve been very serious and uncreative lately but am now finding it unbearable. There are unfinished quaranthropology notes and half-posts but I think I have a True social media post writer’s block!  This scientific paper shared by a friend really helps

May 24, 2020: Lockdown magic

East London is starting to feel like a village and I like it: neighbors brought us food, a guy on a Deliveroo bike shouted at me to say he’d seen me before, I ran into a colleague a few days… Continue Reading →

May 4, 2020: On leaks, storytelling and trust, Pt.2

This is not Quaranthropology but it is a continuation of the story: I like how in his films, Tarantino uses stories as a means of identification: this is my story, this is who I am, this is what I want and this… Continue Reading →

May 4, 2020: On leaks, storytelling and trust, Pt.1

A water pipe in our flat cracked at the weekend so we had to call a plumber. He was the same plumber who fixed our washing machine about 3 weeks ago while sharing conspiracy theories with us. I was looking… Continue Reading →

May 3, 2020: Touch, I need something more

42nd stage of pandemic-related grief. The other day my housemate and I found ourselves telling stories of touch – the touch of hairdressers, masseuses, little children playing with our hair, aunts kissing us on the cheeks, and then that whole… Continue Reading →

You’ve created a pretty good god in your head

This is disturbing but I feel like I really needed this lockdown to rest and have a bit of time for myself. It’s sad to realise how restless, stressed and tired I’ve been for the past 8 years. Truth be… Continue Reading →

April 21, 2020: I and Thou working remotely

I’m feeling more fatigued by the advice on how to do remote work and zoom than by the actual remote work and zoom calls. Yes, we can improve and optimize our ways of working, but we’re always missing something when we’re remote and far… Continue Reading →

April 20, 2020: Digitally settled

You don’t have to be a digital nomad any longer. At last you can be digitally settled while still working remotely and enjoying the adventure of changing your life 

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