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April 19, 2020: Wasteland

This is not #Quaranthropology: A real problem for me this spring is the fact that I’ve always been attracted to lonely men as opposed to men in groups. But this April, I just can’t tell if they’re real loners or just… Continue Reading →

April 14, 2020: Dystopias

When I was a teenager, I loved skiing. I loved the freedom, the speed and the adrenaline of it. Once, I had this dream in which all the joys of skiing turned into a nightmare: It was Word War 3… Continue Reading →

April 13, 2020: The memory is fading

I watched the Pope giving the Urbi et Orbi blessing yesterday. While it was about hope, visually, it communicated something entirely different.It made me think of the essay The Mass Ornament by Siegfried Kracauer (1963), in which he looks at… Continue Reading →

A letter to me in summer 2020!

I hope you’re enjoying the sun and the outside. I hope you’ll get to see the family soon. I hope your hair is freshly died and your body is beach-ready. I’m doing all I can to make sure that, when… Continue Reading →


For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been a happy introvert, minding my own business, doing what I want and feeling quite content and relaxed. I went to the Club without any specific expectations but still hoping to experience a moment… Continue Reading →

Sit, bleed and document this

This whole pandemic has been such a mindf*uck. Went to the Club to try to make sense of my own coping strategies and to get some direction as to what my role in the pandemic should be. The women and… Continue Reading →

The pandemic starts

Our honeymoon with Dionysus didn’t last long. A few weeks after our wedding, I went to the Club again and there was no talking, just preparation for war. Everybody’s faces were painted and I had no questions.  A week later,… Continue Reading →

The Bride of Dionysus

It’s not that I haven’t been going to the club – I have! Quite regularly as well. And I’ve been taking notes of what’s been happening in the Club but with everything that’s been going on first in my personal… Continue Reading →

April 4, 2020: Quarinterrior Design

My WFH hit a new low yesterday… Quite literally… But you know what, I might as well enjoy this messy improvised bedroom professionalism: The desk is a board I found in #trash. As the sticker shows, it must have belonged to… Continue Reading →

April 4, 2020: Future memory

Future memory… #Quaranthropology: the solitude triggers memories from the past, intensifies impressions of the present and urges me to anchor everything so I can recall this in the future. After all, this time is all about the future and this… Continue Reading →

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