Got my hair done!!! And it felt so good it’s inspired some #Quaranthropology even. Anthropologists actually love thinking about hair and its meaning. Like:- Does cut / shaved hair symbolise submission to authority (think soldiers or 💂🤔) or castration 🍆 (think Samson from the Samson and Delilah story)? – Does neglected hair symbolize rejection of the libido (think crazy hair of mystics… Or Erykah Badu🤔)?- Why is hair that’s on your head acceptable but the moment it’s in your food, it’s disgusting? 🤮– And what’s the deal with Medusa’s hair? 🍆🍆🍆As for me:The outgrown hair kept reminding me of the length of time spent in lockdown. With the roots died blond, time is reset! ⏱️The ends were getting all entangled, split and tired, kind of like my mood in the last few weeks. 😥 All that weight has finally been cut off 💇‍♀️ I wonder how much of these tired ends there are now at my salon or worldwide! I could do the maths maybe but why get so heavy now that I’m feeling light?And then my grey hair 🦳 – I’m happy to talk about it but don’t want anyone to see it. There’s too much life and experience in it. But not enough to make a statement about it just yet.