(Musings about time)

Ur- stands for proto-, for original 

Ur was an ancient city state 

founded around 3800 BC 

The ruins of Ur 

are in today’s Iraq

5800 years later, in London

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is when time begins 

But it’s not Ur-time 

Ur-time is a moment of intensity 

when all times are present 

when time is upside-down, 


When GMT is irrelevant 

When you’re free 

from people,

from words,

from your-self

You, the world, and all things in it 

end and emerge, like Ouroboros

the snake eating its own tail 

In Ur-time you’re ur-self 

alone with gods and everybody else

Across all places and all times 

Your soul laughs and cries 

At the same time

Once back in the GMT

Ur-time feels like a dream. 

It can’t be re-felt 

Yet, it lasts forever

iIt’s who you are

who you’ve always been

It leaves a beauty scar on your soul