Him: Will you ever write about me?

Me: Do you think our story is interesting enough?

Him: I think so! Just don’t use my name. I’m about to be a married man 😉

Me: If you’re so married, why are you texting me? Why do you care if I write about us? 

Him: I don’t.

Me: What if I publish this conversation and that will be the story

Him: You’re weird

Me: You think we have a story – maybe this is the way to write it. Or, can you think of a better way? Either way, you’re part of the story. How does it feel to be writing our story right now – as we text…

Him: If it’s successful, can I take credit?

Me: You said I should not use your name.

Him: Yeah, don’t. Ever. 

Me: Like we never happened.

Him: Rolls eyes…

Me: I won’t. I promise. Noone will ever know about you. I’m GDPR compliment. Compliant. Sorry, autocorrect.

Him: LOL

Me: Is there anything you secretly wish that I would write about us?

Him: The time we had sex and it was really intense.

Me: Why?

Him: It was really intense. You’re too intense. 

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Sorry, gotta go. Family event

Me: Sure, enjoy!

… And that’s how the convo went …

… in my head….