My WFH hit a new low yesterday… Quite literally… But you know what, I might as well enjoy this messy improvised bedroom professionalism: The desk is a board I found in #trash. As the sticker shows, it must have belonged to someone super organized but also casual enough to own a pile of “casual long sleeve” something. I’m keeping that sticker as I think it goes well with this weird teenage setup… I might even get some posters up too to keep up with my colleagues who are using Zoom’s virtual backgrounds. Maybe posters of X-Files, The Matrix? Overall, I think this could be my new thing: #vintageteenage … #vinteen or more like #teenaged😜😜😜 On a serious #quaranthropology note though: I find it interesting how this pandemic reveals different levels of comfort, different scenarios we find ourselves in, and how it’s not yet clear how things are going to play out for us. I wonder what new aesthetics and ethics will emerge out of this! I already find a lot of the aesthetic trends from a month ago kind of outdated (mostly minimalism) and am hoping to see some more real sh*t on social media. Or can people still be bothered to make their living spaces look like magazine photos? I for sure can’t pretend I’m some kind of an urban professional right now. Grounded professional is what I am 🙂#Groundedprofessional#groundedathropologist